Jama Masjid, Ahmedabad

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Jama masjid was actually meant for the private use of the emperors. It was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed Shah I on 1423. It was also inaugurated by him.The structure is made of yellow sandstone and the courtyard is made of marble.

Its surrounded by a columned passage and there are Arabic calligraphy drawn on these columns.Two minarets at the entry have collapsed in 1819 during an earthquake. The prayer hall of the masjid has 15 domes supported by 260 columns.

This masjid has a lot of Jain and Hindu motifs carved in the walls. The central domes looking like lotus are more alike the ones found in Jain temples and some pillars carry a carving of a hanging bell as found in Hindu temples. Not only these, there is an 'Om' symbol engraved in one of the windows. Visitors from all religion are allowed to enter the masjid but they are requested to maintain silence during prayers. One can enter the masjid during prayers after covering his head and women are not allowed in the main hall.

The tombs of Ahmed Shah , his son and his grand-son are there on the west of the masjid and the burials of the Queed and other wives are nearby them.

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