Dada Harir Vav, Ahmedabad

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Dada Harir Vav is a step well, located quite close to Ahmedabad, at a place called Asarwa. 6kms from Ahmedabad, Dada Harir Vav is a deep well which can be reached only after descending through the stairs that goes deep down and are beautifully decorated with stone carvings. Constructed 500 years back, during Sultan Bai Harir's reign, this step well has columns to support the structure that have carvings on their body. The walls of step well are full of carvings done in Sanskrit or Arabic script. This step well, alike others, use to provide the water supply for the whole city during the summer seasons.

The best time to visit the step well is late morning as the sunlight reaches to the lowest part of the shaft.

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