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Auto World is the biggest collection of automobiles in India and one of the best in the world. This collection is in the Dastan Estate of Kathwada, Ahmedabad and basically a personal collection of vintage cars of Mr. Pranlal Bhogilal. This 2200 acres estate accommodates almost more than 100 expensive vintage cars like the Rolls-Royces, Daimlers, Lagondas, Mercedes, Auburns, Cadillacs, Buicks, Chryslers, Bentleys, Cord, Lancias, Packards, Lincolns and Maybachs. All these are custom made according to the specifications given by their owner. Many of these cars are convertible and can be used according to the purpose. The history of transport and automobiles can be traced from this collection but also serves to be the symbol of power, style and wealth of a single family. There is an auditorium, a cafeteria, a souvenir shop and a station for fun drives in these cars for visitors to enjoy their visit to this collection.

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