Water Pool, Wokha

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In the heart of the Wokha town and adding sparkle to lives is a water pool which is known as the Etsüchukha and this is a place that you shouldn’t miss out on. This water still serves as a main source of water for the residents besides adding to the beauty of the town. This water pool has been famous since the time of the British who first fetched water from the lake when they set up their administration in Wokha.

For any tourist visiting Wokha, a walk around the Etsüchukha water pool is highly recommended as you will witness greenery all around and get mesmerized in the beauty of the place. The bow shaped lake is also surrounded by many rare orchids which are unique to this place adding to the beauty. On a sunny day the entire lake sparkles offering an awesome picture to show your friends and family when you return home.


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