Mount Tiyi, Wokha

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Situated at an altitude of 1969 metres above sea-level Mount Tiyi is the most popular tourist attraction in the town of Wokha. According to the local legends there was once an orchard in this peak which could only be seen by the lucky ones. Today colourful Rhododendrons are found all around the cliff making it quite a treat to watch. The Lothas, Semas and Aos tribes also believe this place to be a repository of their ancestors’ souls.

This peak offers a panoramic view of the villages and the valley below which seem like a green canvas painted with tiny houses. Watching the sunset atop this peak is a must as the experience is unmatched. Mount Tiyi is also an excellent place for adventurous activities such as trekking and rock climbing. Many tourists come here to experience rock climbing activities during the summer months when the rocks are dry and ideal for these activities.


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