Doyang River, Wokha

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Doyang River is one of the largest and most prominent rivers in Nagaland which flows through the Wokha district about 21 kilometers from the town. It is also known as the Dzu or Dzulu by the local tribes. The river has many tributaries with Tsui, Tullo and Tishi being the largest of all which merge with the Doyang River. This originates in the north of the district before turning eastwards and finally meeting the Saju River.

The river is one of the major sources of water for people in different parts of the district. Along with River Saju it makes the downstream extremely fertile with vegetables and fruits such as banana, pineapple and papaya being abundantly grown. The river valley has some impressive locales which are ideal for nature lovers. This river enters into Zunheboto district from Wokha before going further downstream and falling into Dhansiri river of Assam valley.


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