Totsu Cliff, Wokha

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During your visit to Wokha you must visit the Mount Tostu and the Cliff alongside which is situated at an altitude of 1,250metres above sea level and offers a splendid view of the valley below. According to the local folklore this cliff is believed to be guarded by a giant snake and a crab. This place is about 25 kilometers from the Wokha town.

It is an ideal place for rock climbing and attracts tourists from around the world who come here to take part in rock climbing adventures. There is a base camp constructed in the base of the mountain by the Tourism Department. There are small lakes and other water bodies at the foothill of the mountain which add to the beauty of the place. One of these lakes is believed to be the home of a Naga legendary mortal called Nsantbung who is believed to have married the lady spirit of the lake.


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