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Wokha Weather

Being a hilly region Wokha experiences tropical climate throughout the year with the winters being pretty cool.


During the summer months - March to May Wokha experiences a pleasant climate with the average day temperature hovering between 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. There is occasional rainfall during this season. The hills are much cooler compared to the foothills.


Monsoons are elaborate in Wokha as in most other places of Nagaland with the place experiencing torrential rains from June to October. The month of August experiences the maximum rainfall with hailstorms being common in this part of the state. This also causes flash floods in the lower regions of Wokha district.


During the winters Wokha experiences extreme cold. The season lasts from the month of November up till February with December and January being the coldest months of the year where temperatures can drop below 5 degrees Celsius during the night. You can also experience chilly winds after sunset.