Tokhu Emong festival, Wokha

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Tokhu Emong Festival is among the biggest festivals in Wokha. The nine day post-harvest festival of the Lotha Tribe is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. The tribe rejoices the fruit of their hard work with the end of labor period of harvesting in this festival. During the festival the men and women dress up in their colorful traditional attire and there is a sense of unity and brotherhood all around. It is the time when the people of the community show respect and gratitude to each other.

If you want to experience Naga tradition from up-close Tokhu Emong Festival is among the best chances to do so. The festival is held in the first week of November each year and you will be treated with traditional songs and dances. Don’t forget to try out the Naga delicacies made out of different types of flesh which are famous for their exquisite taste.


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