Shalbhanjika, Vidisha

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The Salabhanjika is a rare and unique stone figure of a woman standing in a tribhang posture. The sculpture is said to have dated between the 8th and 9th centuries AD was discovered at Gyaraspur. The exquisite sculpture is said to be of a wood nymph or vrishaka. The word Salabhanjika is derived from Sanskrit that menas “breaking a branch of a sala tree.” The Salabhanjika is preserved currently in the archaeological museum in Gwalior.

The beauty of the sculpture is unparalleled as the nymph is found in a rare position by bending her body in triple flexion, even while keeping an intense and beautiful expression on her face. Some critics say that the Salabhanjika is closely related to Budhhism as the posture of this lady is similar to the position in which Queen Maya gave birth to Gautam Buddha under an Asoka tree. Some critics hold the opinion that Salabhanjika is an old deity related to fertility. Miniature figures of Salabhanjika are seen on the Hindola Toran.


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