Lohangi Pir, Vidisha

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The Lohangi Pir is a towering rock formation which covers the town of Vidisha. Named after the saint Shaykh Jalal Chishti locally known as Lohangi Pir, the high-flying rock has its cliffs on all sides of the town. This rock formation is about 7 m tall and has a flat top with is around 10 m in diametre. There is also a tomb named after Lohangi Pir which is a small, domed building with encircling ruined structures. In this tomb one can also see two inscriptions in the Persian languages.

One of the inscriptions dates back to 1460 CE, the time when Mahmud I was the Sultan of Malwa. The other inscription was made in 1583 during the time of Akbar’s rule. One can also see a tank and a large bell capital dated from the 1st century BC. There are also the remains of a medieval temple in the surroundings dedicated to the Goddess Annapurna.


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