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1)Tambekar Wada:

This building was once the house of the Diwan of Vadodara. Presently it is under the Archeological Survey of India and it is famous for the 19th century wall painting done according to the Maratha traditions and the subjects are usually from Mahabharata and Sree Krishna's life and also from the Anglo-Maratha war.

2)Kirti Mandir:

Kirti Mandir is the royal mausoleum of the Gaekwads built in 1936, by Maharaja Sayajirao on the celebration of his seventy fifth birthday to glorify his legendary ancestors. The tower of the structure is decorated with the sun, the moon and the earth made of bronze with the undivided map of India. The building also contains murals done by the famous painter from Shantiniketan, Nandalal Bose. These murals contain scenes from Mahabharata and the life of Mira Bai.

3)Qutbuddin Hajira:

Qutbuddin Hajira is a tomb of Qutbuddin Muhammad Khan and his son Naurang Khan. They were Mughal Emperor Akbar's generals and local governors. The tomb was built in 1586 and it has some beautifully carved stone windows and a step well close to it. Today this is one of the oldest Mughal architecture of the Vadodara city.

4)Nyaya Mandir:

Nyaya Mandir, or the “Temple of Justice” houses the district sessions court of the Vadodara City. This building is made in the Byzantine Architectural style and in the memory of Chimnabai, wife of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. There is statue of Maharani in the central hall which is decorated with mosaic tiles in the Byzantine style.

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