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By sheer public opinion trends, Utorda is a beach meant for the true nature lover, one who’s looking for a calm walk down the beach, a hassle free sunbathing experience or a nap in the afternoon while enjoying some local alcohol and hot seafood. Shacks at this beach are tuned to offering just that and the beach is free of touts and hawkers. Furthermore, this beach is immaculately clean with Palms along the coast and golden sand.

Utorda beach is located close to the world famous Colva beach in south Goa. It’s very safe to swim here with lifeguards on duty all day. The Zeebob shack and a restaurant named Martin’s Corner are ones you don’t want to miss!

Getting to Utorda is easy. Just get a cab from Colva or drive down on a hired bike. Utorda is approximately 30 kilometres south of Panjim. Utorda beach is also served by Majorda railway station.

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