Kutlehar Forts, Una

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Kutlehar Forts, popularly known as the Forts of Solah Singhi, are counted among the renowned tourist attraction of Una. Located at an altitude of 4500 m above sea level, these forts were built by Sansar Chandra, the King of Kangra. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the first Maharaja of the Sikh Dynasty renovated these forts in 1809. The ceilings of these forts are made of huge stone slabs.The view of Govind Sagar Lake and the Pong Dam is amazing from here. Other tourist attractions located nearby the fort is the Raipur Palace, the Kutlehar Forests, Bilaspur, Piplu, and Bangana. These forts are accessible from Bangana and Piplu, up to Jarola by bus.

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