Gurudwara of Dera Baba Bharbhag Singh, Una

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Gurudwara of Dera Baba Bharbhag Singh, locally known as the Gurudwara Manji Sahib, is a popular religious site located at a distance of around 40 km from Una. Located on top of the hill and surrounded with beautiful eucalyptus trees, this place offers to mesmerise visitors. A well-known saint, Baba Bharbhag Singh founded this shrine and dedicated it to Baba Gurbarbhag Singh, the son of Baba Ram Singh, a renowned social reformer and religious leader.Every year, a festival called Baba Bharbhag Singh Mela or the Hola Mohalla Fair, is organised here between February and March. Baba Bharbhag Singh was popular among local people for his magical powers. During this 10 days long fair, numerous patients suffering from mental sickness come here to get cured by the priests, who are called ‘Masands’. Also, people affected by evil spirits attend this fair.

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