Dhyunsar Mahadev Temple, Una

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Dhyunsar Mahadev Temple is a popular shrine located at Bahi Village in Una. Legend has it that Dhaumya Rishi, the family priest of the Pandavas, the characters from the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, came here and was attracted by the beauty of the place. He worshiped the Hindu Lord Shiva at this place. Happy with his prayers, Lord Shiva blessed him with a boon that the devotees who will worship Him here, their wishes will be fulfilled. Since then, the place was known as Dhaumyeshwar Sadashiv Tirath, which now has changed to Dhyunsar Mahadev. The temple was renovated more than 50 years ago by Swami Anand Giri, a saint from Uttarkashi.During Shivaratri, a renowned Hindu festival, a large number of devotees visit this Temple and worship the Shiva Lingam by offering milk and butter. A fair is also organised during this time, which is quite popular among devotees. For the convenience of the devotees, ‘serais’, place for resting, and water tank has been built in the vicinity of the temple.

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