Lunghar Seihai Phangrei, Ukhrul

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Lunghar Sihai Phangrei is a long, flat hill range in the Ukhrul district. The Sihai Phangrei is a popular picnic spot of the locals also frequented by tourists. The Sihai Phangrai, also spelled as Sihai Phangrei joins the Shirui Peak which is famous for the Shirui Lilies.

The Lunghar Sihai Phangrei is very rich in flora. A variety of flowers and fruits grows in the hill range including rare orchids and fruits such as grapes, passion fruit, apple, pear, plum, peach etc.

There is a beautiful and serene waterfall that cascades down the hill range adding to the beauty of the place. A day spent on the Lunghar Sihai Phangrei is something that will stay clearly etched out in anyone’s mind because of its virgin beauty.

The term ‘Sihai’ is a general reference term used for a group of villages in Ukhrul including Sihai Khullen, Sihai Khunou and Sihai Kahaophung.


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