Khayang waterfall, Ukhrul

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The Khayang waterfalls in the biggest waterfalls in Manipur near the Indo-Myanmar border. The waterfall is also called the Telly Waterfalls, though the locals know it by the name Khayang. According to the survey done by the district commissioner of Ukhrul, the height of the waterfalls is 754 feet.

It is a majestic waterfall that slowly cascades down the hills. However, it is quite tucked away inside the jungles of Ukhrul and is not yet a popular tourist destination. Moreover, the government hasn’t taken much initiative to promote the waterfalls.

It takes almost 5 to 6 days of full-day trekking over jungles, crossing rivers that one can reach the waterfalls. Though the effort is much, the end result cannot be justly described in words. For the adventurers who prefer travelling the unbeaten roads, a visit to the Khayang Waterfalls is definitely worth it. Make sure that proper arrangements are made before trekking to the waterfalls.


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