Siddhavat, Ujjain

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Siddhavat is located in the holy town of Ujjain. The River Shipra flows by the site. The place is very well-known because of its sanctity as the Akshyavata of Prayag. One who visits the place would see that the Shipra abounds in tortoises at Siddhavat.

The Siddhavat Ghat is famous for the post funeral rites. Hundreds of people all across the state of Madhya Pradesh visit the place throughout the year in order to perform the rites. The place is also referred in the Puranas as Preta-shilla-teertha.

The locals do believe that Goddess Parvati performed penance her. There is also a myth that a large banyan tree had been cut off, and the area was covered with iron sheets. But surprisingly, the offshoots of the banyan tree pierced through the iron sheets. From that day, the place was considered as sacred by the locals. The followers of the Nath sect also perform worship in this place.


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