Navagraha Mandir, Ujjain

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Navagraha Mandir is situated on the banks of the River Shipra. It is a unique temple in entire Ujjain that is dedicated to the planets of our Solar System. Astronomy has always played an important role in the life of the common people of Ujjain, and the place Triveni Ghat is considered as one of the most auspicious places in the entire town.

A large crowd gathers in the temple premises particularly on the new moon days and Saturdays. The place is also known as the Triveni Teertham by the local people.

The temple is situated just six kilometers away from the main town, and there are several types of transport present for the general masses in order to visit the sacred place.The locals do believe that ancient astronomical studies were performed in the city long time back. Coconuts, flowers and vermillion are offered by the devotees.


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