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Mangalnath, Ujjain

Mangalnath is an auspicious temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated in the antique town of Ujjain. The temple is situated far away from the hustles and bustles of the main town. The temple is located just beside the river Shipra. There is a belief according to the Matsya Purana that Mangalnath is the birth place of Mars.

The tourists get an unimaginable sense of tranquility after visiting the temple. It is said that the first meridian passes the earth exactly at the place where the temple is located. This makes the temple more famous as more tourists visit the spot to get a clear view of the planets. The shrine is a marvellous one that provides mental peace in the minds of the devotees.

The place is also an appropriate place for astronomical studies. Tuesday is considered to be a very auspicious day by the devotees, and one who prays on this day gets his or her wish fulfilled.