Bhartrihari Caves, Ujjain

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Bhartihari Caves are considered as one of the most famous tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh situated on the banks of the river Shipra. The cave is very near to the antique town of Ujjain. The place is referred as an idyllic spot by Ministry of Tourism, Madhya Pradesh.

It is an incredible experience that one shares after entering the caves. The sculptures inside the caves do not exist much in the present days, but a great experience is waiting for those who have still not visited the place. One has to go deep below the ground, and it is difficult to breathe there inside the ground.

The cave is named after Bhartrihari, the elder brother of the legendary King Vikramaditya. The place became famous by the yogic practices of Bhartrihari who became one of the cult figures in the Natha sect. If one observes the structural designs of the cave, it would remind them of the two-storied cloister of the Parmar period dating back to 10th century A.D.


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