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Want to Be a Star Among Your Friends? Travel With Facebook!

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Facebook, one of the top social media platforms, has become a major source to track travellers. A recent survey done by Hotel.com has revealed that most of the Indian travellers are hyperactive on Facebook, where they keep updating their status messages that help their friends and family know where they are at the moment.

Right from the time a traveller plans a trip, a regular Facebook user first updates his status to show off to the world that he is off to his favourite destination. From there the updates keep coming, which include details on where he eats, which flight he takes to travel, where he lands and even about the places he visits.

It's time to travel

It's time to travel!

If you're a traveller who's on an adventurous road trip from Bengaluru to Masinagudi, here's how you can travel with Facebook and make your friends envy you!

"Masinagudi calls me and here I am, on the road !" - Feeling awesome

The trip to Masinagudi is surely going to be an exciting one, as it takes you through forested areas enjoying the sight of woods and wildlife.

"Wow, mouth-watering breakfastat Kamath Lokaruchi" - Feeling hungry

Kamath restaurant at Mysore road is one of the good eateries you can try at Bengaluru, which falls on the route from Bengaluru to Masinagudi

"It's bird-watching time" - At Ranganthittu bird sanctuary - feeling excited!

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary is another place where you can venture out on your way to Masinagudi. The sanctuary is home to various resident and migratory birds.

"Guys, here's the gorgeous Gopalaswamy Hills...!" - Feeling blessed

The flower bed at Gopalaswamy Hills is not be missed while on your trip. Let your friends get jealous!

On the way to Masinagudi

On the way to Masinagudi
Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Kumar 

"As the wilds beckon me at Bandipur and I slowly lose the network connection !" - Feeling confused

Bandipur is a major destination to explore on your road trip from Bengaluru to Masinagudi. Bandipur Safari Lodges are an ideal stay option in Bandipur to experience wildlife closer.

" Safari with the kings of jungle at Mudumalai!" - Feeling adventurous

Take a jungle safari at Mudumalai National Park, and head to Masinagudi

"36 hairpin bends that made this journey worthwhile!" - Feeling amazing

There you are telling your friends how adventurous your trip gets!

"Finally, I land at Masinagudi!" - Feeling restless

You've reached Masinagudi, and your friends have virtually travelled with you. Each time you login to Facebook, be rest assured to get notifications, comments and likes from your friends who are curious to know what you're up to!

"Travel and let your status updates speak for you" - Bon Voyage!

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