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Alternate Travel Ideas – 5 Destinations to Escape Diwali

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Most people are loving it, the blinding lights, searing fireworks, saccharine sweets, shiny finery and all the fervour that usually accompanies the annual festivities of Diwali. But you are not excited, like your pet dog 'Jimmy', you just want to get as far away from the noise, pollution and fireworks that herald the most popular festival of India, Diwali. If this sounds familiar and you would like to make alternate travel plans to spend Diwali more peacefully, don't worry, we have it covered!


India is no doubt excitedly preparing for the 'Festival of Lights' on the October 23rd. However, there are many places that celebrate this glamorous festival on a low-key and that means no fireworks and no noise! One out of our pick of five getaways is sure to catch your fancy.

1. Gokarna
Pristine beaches, azure waters and cotton candy clouds, a perfect invitation to spend the Diwali holidays in peace. Spend your days waking to the warmth of sunlight caressing your face, take a cool dip in the sea, laze on the beach, take short treks across the hillocks and in short have the time of your life! Om Beach has a few stay options and shacks on the beach provide decent food. Activities include; trekking, canoeing and boat rides.

                   Mesmerising sunsets at the Gokarna Beach.
Photo Courtesy: Prashant Ram

2. Koppa, Chikmagalur
This little town in Chikmagalur has many quaint pepper plantations, coffee and tea estates. The many estates have diversified into providing excellent homestay options for travellers looking to escape the chaos of the cities during Diwali. Enjoy the warm glow of the setting sun, the flitting fireflies and the wake-up call of peacocks. Delicious homemade food and natural, pollution-free ambience will revitalise you.

Lush greenery at Koppa.
Photo Courtesy: Harsha K R

3. Mandarmani
Located at a distance of 180 km from Kolkata airport, Mandarmani is a charming village resort by the sea. The beach offers many activities such as early morning walks, observing the mesmerising sunrises, the sight of red crabs scurrying about and you can also enjoy driving your vehicle on the beach! The many resorts here provide a peaceful and relaxing stay far from the raucous of Diwali.

Tranquil beach of Mandarmani.
Photo Courtesy: Abhijit Kar Gupta

4. Sundarbans Eco Stay
It is a great time to head to the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of the country. The Sundarbans offer plenty of activities such as boating, sighting wildlife, jungle walks, etc. A pure nature retreat to recover from the stress of urban life and what better time to getaway to this green paradise than during Diwali!

Foggy nature trails of the Sundarbans.
Photo Courtesy: Khaled Monsoor

5. Kollam
Interior parts of Kerala and the backwater regions are a great pick to escape the Diwali fervour. The backwaters such as Kollam offer peaceful holiday options. Pick from varied stay options such as a houseboat or a floating cottage or a luxurious resort and spend your time languorously enjoying the grandeur of nature. You can also enjoy the delicious Kerala cuisine and Ayurvedic spa options, both are bound to leave you feeling extremely pampered.

Alternate Travel Ideas – Escaping Diwali

Relaxing houseboat stays at Kollam backwaters.
Photo Courtesy: Kirsten

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