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Nanded in Maharashtra Travel Guide, Places to Visit and How to Reach

Visiting historical places is a great experience where we get to explore and learn interesting tidbits of bygone era. It is not an exaggeration when we say the civilization of India is one of the oldest around the globe. Throughout its history, the country has been ruled by several empires, dynasties and kings. Those in power left behind their incredible legacies as a monument, a palace or perhaps a fort. Such places equally attract historical and art enthusiasts and others.

India is dotted with several such historical places that are a reminiscence of glorious reign and renowned past. Nanded is one such magnificent place steeped in history. It is situated in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Situated on the banks of Godavari river, the town is popular for its Sufi shrines, Sikh Gurudwaras and Forts. At a first glimpse, the place looks like the other cities in the Marathwada region with a scarce green cover, its narrow roads, and River Godavari on one side, but Nanded is a town that holds a significant historical place in the annals of the Indian history.

Nanded's Historical Significance

The district was ruled by the Nanda Dynasty and was formed during the reign of King Ashoka the great. Nanded is also mentioned in the treatise Lilacharitra, which was written by Mhaimbhatta about 700 years ago. Earlier, it was known as Nanditat. According to legends Lord Shiva performed penance here on the banks of Godavari and hence it came to be known as Nanditat (Tat meaning banks and Nandi is Lord Shiva's vahana)

Several dynasties like Satavahanas, Mauryas and the Nandas have ruled this region. In 1725, the town came under the rule of Nizams of Hyderabad.

Nanded is attractive and charming in its own way. Besides its several scared places, the town is also known for its colourful bazaars, gardens and museum. Annually held Malegaon Fair is another attraction that draws tourists in good number.

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How to Reach Nanded

By Air: Nanded Airport is connected to major cities in India via regular flights and provides air services for comfortable commuting.

By Train: Hazur Sahib Nanded, Limbgaon and Umri are the nearby railway stations to Nanded. It is connected to various cities in India.

By Bus: There are regular private and state-run buses from major cities to Nanded.

Best Time to Visit Nanded

Temperature in summer months from April to May can soar up to 42-degree C. The scorching heat is uncomfortable for sightseeing and hence best avoided. Monsoon is from July to September when the city experience heavy showers. If you enjoy rain and want to witness the waterfalls in Nanded in its full glory monsoon is the right season to visit. Winter is from November to February when the weather is cold. It is ideal time for tourists to enjoy sightseeing.

Hazur Sahib

Hazur Sahib

PC- Subhag Singh

Undoubtedly, Hazur Sahib leads the list as it is the reason why Nanded has become such an important pilgrimage destination. It was built on the site where Guru Govind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikhism died and is one of the five prominent takths or thrones in Sikhism.

Famous Gurudwaras In India

Hazur Sahib holds a very important spot in Sikhism since its outset as it is the place where, Guru Govind Singh had his camp in 1708. Hazur Sahib gurudwara was built in the nineteenth century by the order of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Nanded Fort

Nanded Fort

Nanded has more than just religious and spiritual importance; it holds a great deal of history too. About 4 kilometers away from Nanded Railway Station, you can find Nanded Fort which is enclosed by Godavari river on three sides. The fort also has a garden and water works which makes it a perfect destination to relax. So, if you want to relax amidst the great historical fort, Nanded fort is exactly the spot you'd want to be at.

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PC- V.narsikar

Mahur or Mahurgad is one place you should definitely not miss if you like the tales and fables about gods and goddesses. It is considered as one of the most pious towns in Maharashtra where Dattatreya (three headed god, combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) was born.

There are three mountains in Mahur which has Renuka Mata Temple, Datt Sikhar and Arti Anusuya Shikar Temple. Apart from these, there are also several other temples and monuments settled around this town. This town is also considered to be part of the Saade Teen Shaktipeeth.

Sahasrakund Waterfall

Sahasrakund Waterfall

If you are looking to escape into the greenery surrounded by the tuneful sounds of nature, then Sahasrakund Waterfall is a must-visit destination for you. It is popular amongst tourists for the presence of several temples in its vicinity. How about relaxing yourself amid the cool waters of this beautiful and tiny waterfall?

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