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10 Uncool Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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We all act a bit crazy at beaches! Yes, the beauty of the waves and the sand does its magic but is it your personal place? No, it is not and there are whole lot of things to be kept in mind. Of course, we go there to have fun and play in water but there are a few important things to be kept in mind. So, we have listed some crazy things you should not do in beaches ever!

Beach bums, here you go!

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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Tossing a juice can, food wrap, etc. into the beaches is wrong and unhygienic. Throwing trash into water will affect the aquatic life and pollutes the sea water. Don't forget that many people come here to enjoy the tranquillity of nature. No one will be happy to see a garbage filled beach. So, please use dustbins or collect your garbage to dump it in another trash-bin outside.

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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Yeah, you do get a lot 'eye candies' at beaches but don't be a jackass! Everyone loves their personal space and would not like to be stared at It is okay if you look at people for a moment but not gawk at them continuously. It will make you look stupid or it would be definitely an intimidating act. It's better to stare at the beautiful sea than people!

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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Playing Near the Crowd

Okay, it is fun to play beach volleyball and stuff but try not to disturb others. Your epitome of excitement might annoy other tourists who prefer a quiet time. Hence, find a place which is less-crowded and where you don't have to hurt or irritate anyone.

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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Overnight Superman!

It is cool to be an adventure enthusiast and wanting to try all the water-sports the beach has to offer. Beware of the safety measures and don't try if you are not confident. Go for a trusted adventure sports organisers who take good safety measures and train you before the activity. Otherwise your beach adventure may turn out to be on the bed in a hospital!

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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Annoying Freak!

Keep the excitement to yourself and enjoy in a way which doesn't irritate others. Screaming near other tourists, tossing the sand, jumping around the people who are sitting, loud music, etc. will only disturb others and make you a freak. You enjoy and let others also enjoy!

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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Clicking Pictures of Strangers

Maybe you love taking candid photographs then take pictures of the people you know! It is very rude to take pictures of strangers without their permission. It is intrusive and annoying for them to notice you clicking their pictures. Who knows someone might react to your silent adventure and land you in a mess!

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

PC: Simon Turkas

Disrespecting Dress-Codes and Local Customs

Not all beaches allow you to go top-less. Yeah! Beaches are the places for bikinis and shorts but not for a 'hot-body' show-off session. Especially, in the countries like India, it is illegal to go nude in the beaches. It is not just about clothes but there are many local customs and regulations which you should follow. It's better follow the local rules unless you want to end up in jail!

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

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Unleash the Pets

Yeah, Yeah! Pets are your kids and they need to relax as well! That doesn't mean you should leave them unattended. Not everyone are fond of pets like you do; some might get annoyed and some might even get scared. Do keep an eye while you unleash them. You sure don't want to find your pet peeing on someone's chair or licking someone's sunglasses!

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

PC: Floyd Manzano

Doing a 'Micheal Phelps'!

You might be a good swimmer but beaches are not 5ft-swimming pools! Please don't swim in the restricted beaches. Just enjoy the waves, float a little and come back to the shore. Don't ever try to swim if you are not at all a swimmer. Waves have strong currents which will sweep you off in a second. Do it only if you are a very good swimmer and know the techniques.

Things You Should Not Do in Beaches

PC: Manisha B.

PDA Without Bothering About 'Over-D'

You have all the right to be romantic and mushy. Ofcourse, beaches are the ideal spots for lovers. However, it is not good to do too-much of PDA. Avoid unnecessary attention and annoyance to others.

Hope, this article on things you should not to do in beaches was enjoyable and informative. Please leave your feedbacks!

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