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Exploring the Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

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"I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven", said Emily Dickinson. Yes, thanks to the efforts of the ornithologists like Peter Jackson and Salim Ali, we are able to see such a heavenly places like Sultanpur National Park in Haryana.

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Inside Sultanpur National Park
Photo Courtesy: Yogendra Joshi

This tranquil ambience supports the resident birds as well as migratory birds. Once it was a hunting ground but several wildlife enthusiasts came together to save it from destruction. Today, we can witness this abode protected as a National Park.

All you need is an official ID card and a nominal fee to enter this serene reserve!

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Aquatic Bird
Photo Courtesy: sanjiv tuli

Birds in Sultanpur National Park

The park which is supported by a large lake fed by the Jamuna river provides a good habitat for the feathered creatures and other animals in the park. You can see two categories - resident and migratory birds.

Some of the popular resident birds are spot billed ducks, Eurasian thick-knees, little egrets, white-throated kingfishers, laughing doves, Indian rollers, common hoopoes, India crested larks and so on.

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Sarus Crane
Photo Courtesy: J.M.Garg

Migratory birds come here during the winter season starting from October to January. Around 250 species of migratory birds are found in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. Storks, flamingos, yellow wagtails, pelicans, Siberian cranes, black winged stilts, cormorants, common greenshanks, demoiselle cranes, etc. are some of the prominent migratory birds which come here every winter.

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
Photo Courtesy: Jatin Sindhu

Interesting Facts About Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

  • The then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi was held captive in the Forest Rest House of Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary after her arrest.
  • Only 10 visitors are allowed to visit the park at a time. So, the park won't be crowded and you can silently enjoy watching the birds.
Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Lake inside the national park
Photo Courtesy: Ekabhishek

History of Sultanpur National Park in Gurgaon

Earlier, Sultanpur had a flourishing salt manufacturing industry. Later, it saw a decline as the British levied heavy taxes on the produce. It was only later that the ornithologist Peter Jackson appealed to then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi to protect this area around the lake.

Intially, it was declared as Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary in 1972. The reserve got the status of the National Park in 1989.

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

The Indian Roller
Photo Courtesy: Ankur Gulati

Facilites Inside Sultanpur National Park

You will enjoy the systematic structure of Sultanpur National Park. The reserve has good facilities while the nature remains intact.

  • There are four watchtowers to enjoy the bird watching.
  • Binoculars are available for the benefit of the visitors.
  • Library and an Interpretation Centre ( a separate room for the books related to Salim Ali).
  • Bathroom
  • Guest House
  • A few cottages
  • Forest Rest House
  • Restuarant (small eatery)
  • Children's Park

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Photo Courtesy: Travelling Slacker

Other Animals

You can also find animals like Nilgais, Black Bucks, Rhesus Macaques and Monkeys here.

Best Time to Visit Sultanpur National Park

Winter season from October to January is the best time to visit Sultanpur National Park. This is the time when several species of migratory birds visit the reserve.

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Photo Courtesy: sanjiv tuli

How to Reach Sultanpur National Park

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located on the Gurgaon - Farrukhnagar - Jhajjar Highway. It is around 20km from Gurgaon and 42km from New Delhi. Since it comes under the NCR (National Capital Region), it serves as one of the popular weekend getaways from Delhi.

It is the month of October and is the time for migratory season of birds. So, head to this beautiful picnic spot on the outskirts of Delhi to listen to the music of birds. Thus, Sultanpur National Park is one of the best bird sanctuaries and wildlife destinations in India.

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