» »Sonepur Cattle Fair – Asia's Largest Cattle Fair

Sonepur Cattle Fair – Asia's Largest Cattle Fair

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Not all festivals are popular across the world but there are some which attract people from around the world and one such is a cattle fair in India. Held in Sonepur in Bihar, this fair is one of its kind, and is celebrated in November-December every year.

Animal lovers from across the nation and from other parts of the world gather here to be a part of this huge festival. The fair or mela showcases animals like dogs, buffaloes, ponies, Persian horses and camels among the rest. Apart from the fair, visitors gather here to buy goods from the stalls that sell items from garments and jewellery to toys, furniture, utensils and other accessories. Various folk shows and games are also some of the major attractions of Sonepur Cattle Fair, for which travellers come from various countries that include Italy, France, Portugal, Japan and Switzerland.

Isn't it a great deal for a cattle fair to attract so many tourists?

Be a Part of Sonepur Cattle Fair!

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This unique festival is commenced during the time of Karthik Purnima, and is generally celebrated for a fortnight to a month. Apart from attending the fair, devotees flock in during this season to take a dip in the Ganges, as Sonepur is the confluence of two holy rivers Ganges and Gantak.

Other Places to Visit Near Sonepur

Sonepur is located 6km from Hajipur, which is one of the most progressive towns of Bihar. Hajipur has a few attractions worth exploring. They include Kaun Haara Ghat, Nepali Mandir, Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Pataleshwar Mandir and Ranchaura Mandir.

Be a Part of Sonepur Cattle Fair!

Land of Festivals

Bihar has some unique festivals that you can be a part of. Some of the interesting festivals include Chhath Puja (worshipping the Sun God), Sama Chakeva (winter festival celebrating the migration of birds to the plains from the Himalayas), Bihula (worshipping Goddess Mansa for the welfare of the family) and Madhushravani (for the unity and togetherness of tradition and religions).

How to reach Sonepur

You can reach Hajipur and hire an auto rickshaw or a taxi to reach Sonepur. Here's how to reach Hajipur.

Travel to Bihar this November to witness Asia's largest cattle fair and to experience the colour and culture that stands out from the rest of the world.

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