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Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan

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Here is a chance to explore the forests of Aravalli Ranges and the wildlife within! Yes, it is that time of the year when most of the national parks are re-opened after the season of rains. Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan has been opened for the year 2016 and let us get going!

Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve!

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What Can You Spot in Sariska Tiger Reserve?

Ofcourse, it is one of the famous tiger reserves in India. So, tigers are the real treat in Sariska National Park. Since the jungles are dense, it is hard to spot them sometimes. No worries, the officials and safari guides will have the first hand information on tiger spotting. They will take you to the zones where they have been spotted as soon as they get the information.

Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve!

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If you are one of those unlucky ones who couldn't see the 'Kings of the reserve' then don't bother, Sariska National Park has much more to explore. It is an abode to different kinds of birds like golden backed-woodpecker, white-throated kingfisher, gray patridge, peacocks and so on. Wildlife safaris are fun even without spotting the big cats because of the thick jungles which we never get to see and other interesting sightings of hanuman langur, spotted deer, sambhar, striped hyena, chinkara, wild cats, etc.

Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve!

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When to Visit Sariska Tiger Reserve?

Most wildlife destinations in India are closed during the monsoon season. Sariska Tiger Reserve is open to public from October till June. The climate remains pleasant during these months from October to December and it is also one of the best times to visit Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve!

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Wildlife Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

Yes, wildlife safaris are organised by the Forest Department. The national park is divided into different zones and tourists are taken to these zones looking at the possibility of tiger sightings. It is good to book the safaris before hand but you have to pay the entrance fee and guide charges once you get there. Visitors are taken in open gypsies with a tourist guide who will explain about the jungle and the animals. These tourist guides know a lot about the animals and their behaviour. So try to ask them more questions and make use of their knowledge.

Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve!

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How to Reach Sariska Tiger Reserve?

Sariska Tiger Reserve is 213km from Delhi and 130km from Jaipur. It is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi in October. Sariska Tiger Reserve is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan.

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Tourist Attractions in Alwar

Alwar is a pleasant and calm town in Rajasthan. It has a few popular attractions other than Sariska National Park. Alwar Fort, Siliserh Lake Palace, Bhangarh Fort, Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple, Bala Quila, Jain Temple, City Palace Alwar and Bhartrihari Temple are some of the main tourist places in Alwar.

Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve!

Bhangarh Fort
Photo Courtesy: Hukum Negi

Famous Markets in Alwar

Rajasthan is one of the best shopping destinations. If you are a shopaholic then here are the famous markets (Bazaars) in Alwar: Malakhera Bazaar, Churi Market, Bazaza Bazaar and Saarafa Bazaar.

Famous Local Cuisines You Should Try in Alwar

Alwar is also famous for traditional Rajasthani Cuisine and do try some of these local foods in this town: Kalakhand is the most famous sweet in Alwar, Missi Ki Roti, Dal Bhati Churma, Gatte Sabzi, Chicken Masala, Jhajhariya are other local cuisines.

Your trip to Sariska National Park will allow to experience various things. Happy wildlife, jungles, rural Rajasthan, colourful Alwar and even the most haunted destination in India, the Bhangarh Fort.

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