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Things Named After Places – Part 2

Written By: Akshatha

In our previous article Things Named After Places - Part 1, we got to know about some famous products that are named after places in India. Moving further, we have listed out a few more interesting items and their respective places that are popular in India. Keep tab on these and do shop for authentic items from their original place itself!

Patiala Salwar

The moment we say Patiala, it reminds us of a type of ladies trousers. Patiala Salwar is always in trend and ladies love the elegant look it gives. Interestingly, Patiala Salwar was the Royal Dress (Suit) made for the King of Patiala.

Things Named After Places

Photo Courtesy: Rohit Markande

Yes, back then Patiala was worn by men but now it is one of the favourite women clothing in India. The city of Patiala is a historical place with many interesting things. So, how about exploring the historical places in Patiala with the patiala salwar with a Patiala jutti (shoes)? Do try Patiala Peg (liquor) for extra fun.

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Things Named After Places

Photo Courtesy: Nara J

Thanjavur Doll

You might have seen the cute roly-poly dolls in many antique stores or doll stores. Don't think about the battery operated dolls, Thanjavur Dolls are terracotta toys that swing and move in an adorable way, that too without any batteries. Can we miss out on the handicrafts of a place which is home to masterpieces like Brihadeshwara Temple? Sure, it is a box full talented craftmanship!

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Things Named After Places

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Pashmina (Kashmiri) Shawl

Kashmiri (Pashmina) Shawls are as wonderful as Kashmir itself! Pashmina Wool is extracted from the goats of Kashmir region. The handspun Pashmina Shawls are well known and expensive. These hand made shawls go well with the climatic conditions of the region. Do shop for these elegant shawls on your Kashmir tour.

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Things Named After Places

Photo Courtesy: NDSRAM

Villianur Terracotta Works

Divert yourself a bit from Auroville and the amazing beaches of Pondicherry to visit this handicrafts village of Villianur. Check out the splendid Villianur Terracotta works which goes back to the age of Satavahanas. Villianur Terracotta Works are made with a unique technique using green clay, fine sand and thennal.

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