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» »Prem Mandir In Vrindavan - The Temple Of Divine Love

Prem Mandir In Vrindavan - The Temple Of Divine Love

Written By: Vineeth Mohan

Prem Mandir - The Temple Of Divine Love is a divine monument located in the holy city of Vrindavan which is dedicated to Radha Krishna and Sita Ram. The religious and spiritual complex gifted by the Rasik saint Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj is situated on a 54-acre site on the outskirts of Vrindavan, Mathura.

Prem Mandir In Vrindavan

PC : Biswarup Ganguly

The main structure of the temple is built in marble which is breathtakingly wonderful and is an educational monument that reflects the true history of Sanatana Dharma. Temples galore in the holy place of Vrindavan and Prem Mandir in Vrindavan is the youngest of the temples in Vrindavan which was opened to public on February 17, 2012.

The Temple Of Divine Love!

The Prem Mandir in Vrindavan represents a renaissance in ancient Indian art and architecture. The mind boggling view of the 54-acre spread campus will leave you stunned for sure. Figures of Shri Krishna and his followers depicting important events surrounding the Lord's existence cover the main temple. With its intricate carvings, the display of refined craftsmanship and the elaborate inlay work, replete with semi-precious stones, the temple is seen as a unique divine structure within Vrindavan.

Prem Mandir In Vrindavan

PC : KuwarOnline

A circumambulation route on the platform of the temple enables visitors to enjoy the beauty of the 48 panels depicting the pastimes of Shri Radha Krishna which are carved on the outer walls of the temple. 84 panels set up on the temple's exterior display the loving pastimes of Shri Krishna depicted on Shrimad Bhagvatam.

There are many portraits and monuments of Krishna Leela (miracles of Lord Krishna) inside the temple like Krishna Kaliya Nnaag Leela and Govardhan Parwat Leela. The beauty of the temple is enhanced at night due to the exceptional light show.

Prem Mandir In Vrindavan

PC : Biswarup Ganguly

A visit to this temple of love will gift you with a divine experience of tranquillity. Considered a perennial source of divine love, an unending stream of devotion will flow for ages to come through this unique monument. Prem Mandir in Vrindavan is undoubtedly one of the important temples in Vrindavan. Happy Travelling :)

How to reach : Mathura Railway station is approximately 12 km from Prem Mandir and the nearest airport is Agra which is 54 km away. Prem Mandir is well connected by roads as well.

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