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Travel to the Historic Town of Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab

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Fatehgarh Sahib is a historical town in the state of Punjab and holds an important place in the history of the state as it is well-known as the battle ground of the war between Sikhs and Muslims. Fatehgarh Sahib tourism holds significance owing to the famous Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib, which is the place of the martyrdom of the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

There are various other attractions in this town and travellers coming here can explore around to see them. Another activity in which travellers indulge here is listenig to the many folklores that the locals have to narrate. These stories are not only interesting but at time have a tinge of fantasy in them. Here is a guide to the religious town of Fategarh Sahib.

Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib
The Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib is an important religious venue for Sikhs. It is believed that in the year 1704, Sahibzada Fateh Singh and Sahibzada Zorawar Singh, sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, were bricked alive as per the order of Wazir Khan, the Faujdar of Sirhind. This Gurudwara was built to commemorate their sacrifice. The inner complex of the Gurudwara houses many famous structures, such as Gurudwara Bhora Sahib, Gurudwara Burj Mata Gujri, Gurudwara Shahid Ganj, Todar Mal Jain Hall and Sarovar. The entrance gate is constructed using white stones and leads to a white marble pathway. The main building of the Gurudwara boasts of the typical Sikh architecture with white stone structures and golden domes. The serenity and peacefulness rubs on to tourists and provides them a chance to view a truly historic site.

Admire the architecture of the Gurudwara.
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Aam Khas Bagh
Aam Khas Bagh is the remnant of a highway inn built by the Mughal Emperor Babur. Later, it was renovated by Shah Jahan as many royals stayed here, on their way to Lahore. Sarad Khana an air conditioning system in the Aam Khas complex is noteworthy of mention. The Daulat-Khana-E-Khas or the Sheesh Mahal, a monument in the complex once boasted of decorated walls, minarets, tanks and fountains and domes with beautiful glazed tiles. The Hamam is also skilfully engineered with special terracotta channels in the underground for heating water. Travellers coming here can walk through these ruins and marvel the engineering skills of our forefathers.

The entrance of Aam Khas Bhag.
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Sanghol is famous for its archaeological museum, which has relics and artefacts of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Known as the Uchha Pind Sanghol, it has coins and seals belonging to Toramana and Mihirakula rulers from Central Asia and a Buddhist stupa that was discovered in the year 1968 at this place. Around 117 stone structures belonging to the Mathura school of art from 1st and 2nd century AD were excavated from this site also. The Sanghol museum displays a high number of remains and relics that belong to the Harappan civilisation. The museum, with more than 15,000 artefacts, is popular among historians and art lovers. 

A site where a stupa once stood.
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Mata Chakreshwari Devi Jain Temple
Mata Chakreshwari Devi Jain Temple is located on Sirhind-Chandigarh road and dates back to the era of Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan. The temple sees a huge crowd of Jain devotees who come here to pray to the Goddess and also seek her blessings. Travellers coming here can listen to the many legends regarding this temple and also admire its beautiful architecture.

How to Reach Fatehgarh Sahib
By Air: Fatehgarh Sahib does not have an airport of its own, but travellers can take flights up to Chandigarh or Amritsar. It is well connected with all the major cities from here.

By Train: There is a railway station in Fategarh Sahib. It is well connected within the state and with neighbouring states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

By Road: Travellers can take public or private buses for commuting from important cities of the state and country. Travellers can hire private taxis or take Punjab State Road Transport Corporation (PSRTC) buses to Fatehgarh Sahib.

Travel to the Historic Town of Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab

So when are you travelling to Fatehgarh Sahib?
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