Aam Khas Bagh, Fatehgarh Sahib

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Aam Khas Bagh is remnant of the highway inn built by the famous Mughal emperor Babur. Later, it was renovated by Shah Jahan as many royals stayed here, on their way to Lahore. Sarad Khana an air conditioning system in the Aam Khas complex is noteworthy of mention.

The Daulat-Khana-E-Khas or the Sheesh Mahal, a monument in the complex once boasted of decorated walls, minarets, tanks and fountains and domes with beautiful glazed tiles. The Hamam is also skilfully engineered with special terracotta channels in the underground for heating water.

Every year, at the time of Shaheedi Jor Mela, a light and sound play called Sirhind Di Deewar is organised here. This show is a must-watch for tourists as it depicts the history of the Sikh martyrdom in an engaging manner.

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