» »Visit The Languid Village Of Mori In Uttarkashi!

Visit The Languid Village Of Mori In Uttarkashi!

By Aishwarya Mishra

A drowsy suburb with a gorgeous panoramic view, bordered by the choicest yellowish and greenish fields of paddy, Mori is situated on the banks of the splendid Tons river. This village in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand is at an elevation of 3700 ft above sea level. Deemed to be a part of the Tons valley, Mori flaunts a wonderful culture as well as history.

The local people will not stop spinning stories about the Kauravas and Pandavas being their ancestors, who were the mythological princely warriors in the epic age of Mahabharata. Mori proves to be the best holiday destination for rejuvenating the soul and for all such travellers who shall love a peaceful vacation amongst the densely populated forests in Mori.

Mori is home to the tallest pine forest in Asia while other places of interest include the main deity Duryodhana as well as the Lunagad Creek, a wonderful place with a narrow ravine as well as a glittering waterfall. Mori can easily be your 'go-to-place' for water sports activities like water rafting and kayaking. Trekking and hiking are other pleasant activities which the place can be accounted for. Mori can also be your favourite place for holiday camping for complete relaxation.

How To Reach Mori:

By Air: The Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun is the air base within closest proximity at a distance of about 186 km from Mori. For foreign travellers, it is the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, which is 410 km away. The airport is connected to major cities of the country via frequent flights, you can book a taxi from the airport till Mori.

By Rail: The railway station within closest proximity has to be the one in Dehradun which is like 175 km away from Mori. It is nicely connected to many cities of the country while cabs from the station make the journey all the more convenient and that too at a reasonable rate.

By Road: Mori is in close proximity to all neighbouring cities via frequent bus service. Travellers can book public as well as private buses to Mori.

Best Time To Visit Mori:

You can definitely make the most of Mori during the summer months as well as the drizzling monsoon months. Summers will be good enough for the purpose of trekking while monsoons will give you the hang for rafting and kayaking purposes.

Let us now move towards the tourist places of attraction in Mori which shall make you arrive here in leaps and bounds!

1) Duryodhana Temple

1) Duryodhana Temple

This temple shall welcome you with good vibes in Jakhol village in the Tons Valley of Uttarkashi district. The Saur Village people have put their blood and sweat in constructing this temple and it is devoted to the Kauravas. There is a Tamas river which people believe derived its name from the weeping tears of the natives who shed a lot of it when the Kauravas lost the battle. The word 'Tamas' means 'sorrow'. If you come across places like Osla, Gangar and Datmircan: you shall realize that they have temples solely dedicated to Kauravas and Duryodhana, mainly.

2) Netwar:

2) Netwar:

Focus on the tributary stream Rupin Gad as well as the Tons River: you shall find that at the meeting point of the two, Netwar is happily located as an age-old shrine devoted to Karna, the King of Shalya. He is the son of Kunti and Surya. Netwar is deemed to be well-known as its the one and only place where Duryodhana was worshipped and the village houses splendid wooden temples dedicated to Duryodhana and his confederates.

3) Lunagad Creek:

3) Lunagad Creek:

This sparkling blue pool can be spotted at the narrow gorge of the Tons valley which later leads to the gushing of a pristine white waterfall. The creek is bordered by a pine forest, some tribal homes as well as a few intricate Gujjar huts. Be it wild roses or yellow and red nasturtium flower plantations: the blossoming varieties shall make their way into your hearts and urge you to come to take in their divine scent!

4) Icchhari Dam:

4) Icchhari Dam:

Situated on the Tons river, this dam shall have your attention because as the legend has it, it has emerged from the tear droplets of the demoness Suparnakha.

What else do you think makes this sleepy region come alive? It includes activities like:

  • Rafting - Make plans with your friends right post-monsoon to enjoy the captivating sport of White Water Rafting. It is such a pleasure and shall give you memories for a lifetime!
  • Fishing - Did you know that some licensed fishing camps present on the banks shall give you the joy of being a part of the fishing and angling activities which shall be wonderfully refreshing and relaxing!
  • Trekking - In the mood for some proper adventure up the hills? How about the trekking trail via the Rupin Pass which joins Uttarakhand to Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It's like a jaw-dropping reverie to be amongst the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and surrounded by astounding beauties like sparkling waterfalls, enthralling river streams as well as vibrant meadows to take your imagination for a thrilling ride!

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