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» »Let's Listen to Music of Godavari at Papi Hills!

Let's Listen to Music of Godavari at Papi Hills!

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

Along with the course of Godavari River, the serene Papi Hills stands quietly in all its splendour. A boat ride to reach these hills is one amazing experience. Yes, Papi Hills give a unique experience adding to the beauty of the river.

Lets Listen to Music of Godavari at Papi Hills!

The Amazing Godavari
Photo Courtesy: Dineshthatti

Papi Hills is one of the best destinations in Andhra Pradesh. A journey to Rajahmundry in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh takes us to Papi Hills. In the recent times, it has become a hub of activities with many private tourist organisers.

It is not wrong to say that Papi Hills is a 'potpourri of wonders'! Tourists can try out different activities in this destination. One among them is exploring the neighbouring tribal communities around the Godavari basin. You can also enjoy the vistas of Godavari river and camp for the night surrounded by amazing landscapes. Papi Hills is one among the best camping destinations in Andhra Pradesh.

Lets Listen to Music of Godavari at Papi Hills!

Serene Vistas of Papi Hills
Photo Courtesy: Sreerambh

It is not just a tourist hub but also a religious site; there are several religious tour packages which take us till Bhadrachalam. In the peak seasons, it is good to book tour packages and explore this famous place.

Usually, tourists have to reach Purushottamapatnam Village which is about 35km from Rajahmundry. The ferry ride starts from Purushottamapatnam. In fact, you can see many boats lined on the banks of Godavari. The ferry ride is one of the enjoyable journeys of this trip.

Lets Listen to Music of Godavari at Papi Hills!

Enchanting River at Papi Hills
Photo Courtesy: Phanindrawiki

Tourists have to buy tickets for the ferry ride. Another interesting thing is about the artists in the boats. Yes, there will be some local singers who entertain the people on their voyage in ferries.

Legend About Papi Hills

As per the myth, once there was a demon named Papi. He was jealous about Godavari's charm and decides to do something to stop her from flowing. Demon Papi transfigures himself into big hills and blocks the course of the river. Angered by his behaviour, river Godavari uses her power and starts flowing by cutting across these hills. Demon Papi cannot resist her power and eventually dies.

Lets Listen to Music of Godavari at Papi Hills!

Camping in Godavari Basin
Photo Courtesy: Dineshthatti

Hence, the hills that surrounds this belt of Godavari basin is named as Papi Hills. There is also a legend that says that the name Papi is derived from the Telugu word Papidi.

Since the river cascades amidst the majestic hills on either side, it gives an immense pleasure looking at the beauty of nature. The tranquillity of Papi Hills engulfs you as you go through the 65km stretch of this journey. Don't miss out on the picturesque Papi Hills on your trip to Andhra Pradesh.

Lets Listen to Music of Godavari at Papi Hills!

Boats to Papi Hills
Photo Courtesy: Pranayraj1985

How To Reach Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is one of the major cities in Andra Pradesh on the banks of Godavari. Rajahmundry is around 427 km from Hyderabad and is well-connected by road and train.

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