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Nelliyampathy : An Untouched Haven in Kerala

Written By: Akshatha

The bounty of nature is a blessing to Kerala: its beaches, hill stations, wildlife reserves, back waters, etc. just attracts tourists around the world. People can't have a calming experience when the places are too crowded, hence it is better to try some unexplored destinations. Nelliyampathy is one of the unexplored hill stations in Kerala, that retains its pristine environment.


A scenic view of Nelliyampathy Hills
Photo Courtesy: Zuhairali

Nelliyampathy is located around 62km from Palakkad in Kerala. As you travel from Palakkad, you will be accompanied by tall trees and a feel of village life. Further the ghat section with a few hair pin bends, high altitude roads passing through the coffee estates and tea plantations is a visual treat.

a road inside tea plantation

A road inside a tea plantation
Photo Courtesy: Kjrajesh

The scenic landscapes, almost empty streets, big trees with large honey combs, melodies of birds and insects and small mountain streams welcome the tourists. Also a biker's paradise, Nelliyampathy is one of the most beautiful and lesser known hill stations under Kerala tourism.

Mountain stream

A mountain stream in Nelliyampathy hills
Photo Courtesy: Dilshad Roshan

There are many tourist places around the hill station and one should have more time to explore them. Pothundy dam and reservoir, Poab's estate (Sitharkundu View Point), Kesavanpara, Phalghat Gap, Nemmara village (Nenmara), Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Palagapandi Estate, Nelliyampathy Guha (caves) are some of the places to visit around Nelliyampathy.


A view of Nelliyampathy Hills
Photo Courtesy: Kjrajesh

Trekking to Kesavan Para(rock) is very enjoyable because tourists have to pass through the thick greenery and the view from the top is amazing.

poabs estate

Sitharkundu View Point
Photo Courtesy: Kjrajesh

Poab's Estate is a private property, but tourists are allowed inside. A walk around the tea and coffee plantations inside the estate will take you to Sitharkundu view point.

It is also believed that Lord Rama and Goddess Sita rested here during their exile. A beautiful waterfall called Sitharakundu waterfall is another surprise here. The estate also has pepper, cardamom, etc. plants as well. Overall the estate is worth a visit here.

Pothundi dam

Pothundi Dam
Photo Courtesy: Baburajpm

Pothundi Reservoir is very much visible from the top of the hill and the view is just amazing. Pothundi Dam situated in the backdrop of Nelliyampathy hills is picturesque and pristine. Pothundi Dam which is around 20km is a must visit places in the hill station.

A road passing through the fields

A road overlooking the hills
Photo Courtesy: Sathyavrathan PK 

Nemmara is a village which is famous for 'Nemmara Vela' festival during the month of April. One can also roam around this village for feel of rural life.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Photo Courtesy: Parambikulam Tiger Conservation Foundation

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is around 104km from Nelliyampathy. Trekking in the forest reserve and wildlife safari can be done with the help of forest department. Eco-tourism is very much encouraged here and one should definitely visit this place.

Phalghat gap

Phalghat Gap from Chitoor road
Photo Courtesy: PP Yoonus

Phalghat Gap ( a mountain pass) is a natural gap which divides Palakkad and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. One can see a splendid view of this geographical gap in the Western Ghats from this hill station.

Manpara View Point

Manpara View Point
Photo Courtesy: Baburajpm

The hill station has various other tourist spots which can be explored during your visit. Nelliyampathy is ideal for weekend getaways from Palakkad and Coimbatore. It can be easily added to one of the unexplored and wonderful places to visit in Kerala.

A trip here is sure to be refreshing and enjoyable!

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