» »Must-visit Enrapturing Hill Stations In Odisha

Must-visit Enrapturing Hill Stations In Odisha

Odisha is not only famous for its age-old temples and centuries-old historic buildings, it is also popular amongst tourists for its scenic landscapes and rich natural beauty. Have you ever been to Odisha to explore its beauty hidden amidst dense forests, atop beautiful hills and in the midst of thriving plains? If not, then you have reached the right article.

Here, we list the must-visit hill stations in Odisha which are certainly invaluable splendours of this charming state. If you are amongst those who love travelling off the track, then you must visit these enthralling hill stations in Odisha. Read on to know more about them.

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Being the second highest mountain in Odisha, Mahendragiri harbours the essence of peace and composure. Located at an elevation of 4925 feet in the Gajapati district, Mahendragiri is one of the richest parts of the Eastern Ghats.

It is surrounded by dense forests which contain several medicinal and rare species of plants and house numerous species of animals and birds. As per Hindu mythology, it is said that Lord Parashurama stayed at Mahendragiri for a long period of time while meditatiing. The locals living around Mahendragiri still believe that it is the abode of Lord Parashurama.

Due to the presence of several medicinal and flowering plants, it is one of the most significant places in Odisha. Apart from savouring its scenic beauty, one can also go hiking, trekking and camping at Mahendragiri.



PC- Alisa sahu

Located in the Kandhamal district of Odisha, Phulbani is a beautiful hill station which is known for its temples and the presence of a variety of flora and fauna in the region. The area of Phulbani is surrounded by hills and beautiful forests, which are home to several seasonal waterfalls and small streams.

Phulbani is famous amongst locals for Jagannath Temple which is considered as one of the holiest places in Odisha. Several parts of Phulbani are inhabited by tribal groups who are believed to have been living here for centuries.

You must visit Phulbani if you are looking for a combination of temples, hills, waterfalls and forests. The major places to visit in and around Phulbani include Jagannath Temple, Putudi Waterfall, Salunki river and Pakdajhar Waterfall.

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Another beautiful place to visit in Odisha, Kiriburu is located deep amid the dense woods of Saranda forest and is known for its iron-ore mines. Due to the presence of Saranda forest, it has become immensely popular amongst trekkers and nature lovers too, who come here to relax in the calm environment and listen to the melody of waterfalls flowing through this forest.

Sometimes it is also referred to as the Shimla of Odisha due to its pleasant weather throughout the year. As the area in and around Kiriburu is flourishing with rich vegetation, it is a perfect summer destination in the lap of nature. Wouldn't you love to get lost in such a wondrous place?

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PC- Panigrahiasmitku

Koraput is certainly a beauty in Odisha which resembles the setting of heaven. Surrounded by towering hills in misty clouds, Koraput is one of the must-visit hill stations in Odisha. One cannot merely afford to miss such a splendour of nature.

From rivers to valleys, hillocks to waterfalls and lakes to temples, there is everything within the boundaries of Koraput which can assuredly compel any traveller to visit this enchanting beauty.

There are several parts of Koraput which are inhabited by tribals, who in turn, help in retaining the authenticity of the town. So, how about embarking on a journey to Koraput this season and witnessing the awe-inspiring views of mountains and dense forests?

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