Phulbani, Kandhamal

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Phulbani is the administrative headquater of Kandhmal. The place offers diverse range of flora and fauna across its virgin forests and towering mountains. Phulbani is flanked by several small and big waterfalls. The perennial River Salunki flows across the lush green jungles and traces its path through the mountains giving rise to some of these roaring waterfalls. The mystic River Salunki houses a dam named ‘Pilasaluki’ is surrounded by scenic green wood and hence is one of the favorite picnic spot.

The Salunki River has many ghost stories associated with it and one can listen to this folklore from the tribal people dwelling by the river and the hillside. Numerous nature enthusiasts come here to marvel the splendor of nature and spend some stress busting time under its bliss. A drive to Phulbani is often very enthralling as the bumpy roads are surrounded by rocky hills and densely grown trees.

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