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The best time to visit Kandhamal is from September to May. During this time visitors can escape from the otherwise hot summer and also enjoy a quiet snow filled winter here at Kandhamal. Carrying plenty of warm clothes is a must while visiting this summer resort in the winter season.


Kandhamal experiences a subtropical climate wherein the summers are hot and dry.  Summer is short and prevails in the months of April, May and the first week of June. However places like Daringbadi and Belghar remains cool all year round due to its high altitude and serve as best summer resorts of Orissa.


Monsoon months are June, July, August and mid of September. Rainfall is ranges from medium to high downpour. Peak time of Monsoon is from 15th June to September. The scenic beauty of this place is at its best as the waterfalls plunge in their full volume.


Winter is the longest season of all which starts from October and lasts till March. In places like Daringbadi temperatures drops below 0°Celsius and experiences snowfall at times. In other places the temperature remains as low as 3° or 4° Celsius.