Kalinga, Kandhamal

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Kalinga is located 48 km from Phulbani and is famous for its zig-zag roads. The roads spiral around the high hills like a serpentine and offer an enchanting experience to whoever drives over them like nowhere on earth.  Adventure enthusiasts come to this place to go on a thrilling drive on the roads of Kalinga. Surrounded by rocky hills which are draped with dense greenery, Kalinga has a vast silviculture garden. Several medicinal plants are grown in this garden as well.

The silviculture garden is populated with thick bamboo trees and plenty of rubber plants. The aroma of the garden that had spread all around the village is sufficient to relax and rejuvenate one’s body and soul. Kalinga is of huge historic importance as well. Several freedom fighters during British rule belonged to Kalinga Ghati.

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