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Monsoon Travel Tips 2020

By Manoj

Travelling during the monsoons in India can be a tough task! You can never be sure of the weather, and then there is also the fear of your important items getting ruined.

You are always unsure as to what to carry with you when you are going. All this leads you to forget a few important items that should be with you while travelling in the monsoons.

Here is a monsoon travel guide to help you on your trips this rainy season.


The uncertainty of rain can really be irritating at times. The best way to avoid it is by having an umbrella handy. Should the sky open up you can pop open your umbrella and stay dry.

And with the many options in shape, size and colour, they can be a comfortable fashion statement too!


Always keep an umbrella handy.

Photo Courtesy: Atilla Kefeli


It is uncomfortable when you are travelling in the rains and have to hold onto the umbrella. The best way to dodge this situation is by having a raincoat with you. Should it rain, you can wear the raincoat and continue your journey without any hassels.


Ideal for children and also those who hate holding onto an umbrella.

Photo Courtesy: Kay Adams


One of the primary fears during the monsoons in India is protecting footwear. You would love to wear that expensive suede shoes and yet cant afford to see them get damaged.

The best way to avoid such situations is to carefully pack them and carry them with you. While travelling on road, keep to wearing flip-flops, sandals or boots.

Sandals and flip-flops are good on clean roads as they would not get dirty themselves but if you have to walk through muddy roads or waterlogged streets boots are the best option.


Wear sturdy shoes that will help you move easily.

Photo Courtesy: HeveaFan

First Aid Kit

Irrespective of when you are travelling, you should always have a first aid kit with you. Do note that during monsoons it is advisable to also have sanitizers with you as chances are high of your hands and legs getting dirty.

First Aid Kit

Always carry a First Aid Kit while travelling.

Photo Courtesy: ProjectManhattan

Hand Towel

Do carry some extra hand towels as it is always good to have spare ones. Also ensure the towels you carry absorbs water. Should you get wet by any chance you can use them to dry yourself up.


When going on any trip, during the monsoons in India make sure you are carrying minimal luggage and only absolute essentials that you will be needing.

It will be easy for you to travel with light luggages. Also do make sure that your backpacks are waterproof as you dont want your items getting wet and damaged.

Repellants and Net

Monsoons in India is the breeding season for mosquitos. So if you are planning a vacation in the rains be sure to carry repellants with you.

Also consider carry light and easy to fold mosquito nets with you as many hotels and guest houses may not provide these. Better safe than sorry!

Repellants and Net

Stay safe from mosquitoes and other pests.

Photo Courtesy: Tjeerd Wiersma from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The above tips will ensure that you have a great trip whether it rains or not. So enjoy the rains outside with your friends and family rather than sitting at home.

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