» »Miraculous Places in India That'll Give Bizarre Thoughts

Miraculous Places in India That'll Give Bizarre Thoughts

By Akshatha Vinayak

Do you believe in miracles? If so, then what does it really mean for you? We are sure you are already thinking! Actually it doesn't matter whether you believe or not but when it happens your perspectives do change. Take a look at these miraculous places in India that might change your thoughts completely.

Shirve Ghat

Shirve Ghat (Situational Photo)

Shirve Ghat

Nobody except the locals knows about this mysterious hill-village of Shirve near Karwar. It is nothing like a normal trekking spot, the outsiders are warned even before entering the village. Those who go there must not hurt animals or even a grass stalk for that matter. Anyone who breaks this rule is said to be severly punished. Check this Tales of Shirve Ghat to know more about this peculiar place.

Miraculous Places in India

Halu Rameshwara Temple Premises

"The Wishing Well" Which Pops Out Different Things

"The Wishing Well" at Halu Rameshwara Temple is unique and surprising! Here the well will pop out things as soon as you make a wish. Eatables like Banana, betel leaf, bangles, etc. is said to come out of this well. Hence, Halu Rameshwara Temple is one of the popular temples in Gulbarga.

Dargah Shareef of Meethe Neem Wale Baba

Dargah's are often related to miracles and many believed to have witnessed it. Ziarat e Dargah of Hazrat Jalaluddin has a 'neem tree with sweet leaves'. Yes, devotees who eat these sweet-neem leaves are said to be cured of all diseases. Hence, he is also called as Meetha Neem Wale Baba in Nagpur.

Miraculous Places in India

Ananthapura Lake Temple

Vegetarian Crocodile of Ananthapura Temple

Have you ever heard about a vegetarian crocodile? Well, this crocodile named Babia living in the lake of Ananthapura Temple is a vegetarian. It is a belief that this crocodile is there to guard the temple deity. It eats only the temple food offered by the priest and has never hurt anyone. No doubt, this vegetarian crocodile is a curious animal indeed. Want to read more about the legend and how this crocodile came to this lake? Click on this 'Crocodile Who Loves Temple Food'.

Anti - Gravity Road - Amreli

Earth is made out of interesting elements, they keep surprising us. The Anti-Gravity Road in Amreli is one of the perplexing places. Curious people always test this anti-gravity road. Here a car which is switched off doesn't stand in one place. It just moves backwards. Mind you, the car engine is switched off. Isn't this road worth a try? Anti-Gravity Road is surely one of the mysterious and fun places in India.


Ganagapura is a holy place where Sri Narasimha Saraswati (believed to be the second incarnation of Dattareya) attained enlightenment. It is said that he used to go around asking biksha (alms of food) to make offerings in the temple. So, any devotee who asks bhiksha (alms of food) from 5 houses and offers it to the temple will never see a shortage of food in life. Ganagapura temple is also a place where live exorcisms happen. Hence, it is considered as one of the miraculous places in India. Ganagapura is located in Kalburgi district (Gulbarga district) of Karnataka.

Miraculous Places in India

PC: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Colour Changing Shiva Linga

No priest or any devotee paints this Shiva Linga, it shines in different colours thrice a day! Yes, the Shiva Linga in Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple looks red in the morning, saffron in the afternoon and turns wheatish in the evening. In fact, many visitors wait from morning till evening to see this unique occurrence. You can call it a miracle or a geological wonder yet this is one of the unique temples in India.

The Bheem Pathar

Bheem Pathar or Bheem Ka Pathar is not an ordinary stone. It has unusual qualities which surprise us to the core. Bheem Ka Pathar can't be lifted by anyone or with any kind of strength unless you follow a simple rule. It can only be lifted when there are 9 people in a group and that too by using only the index finger. Yes, Bheem Pathar is believed to be a stone of Bheema of Mahabharatha.

Miraculous Places in India

Rama Setu

PC: PlaneMad

Rama Setu

Rama Setu is probably one of the most interesting destinations in India. According to mythology, it was built by Lord Rama to reach Sri Lanka. Today, Rama Setu or Palk Strait can seen starting from Rameshwaram and ending in Sri Lanka. The obvious question is if Ramayana is a story then how did the author mention this bridge in the same place and leading to the same destination? Surprisingly, this bridge is visible from an aerial view even though it is submerged in water. Therefore, Rama Setu is one of the most miraculous places in India. Want to know more? Click on ' Interesting Facts About Rama Setu'.

We are sure you are surprised and awestruck by these unusual places of India. Definitely, your head is brimming with thoughts and you may want to atleast visit one of these spots! Go try and experience the unique power of these places.

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