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2 Fantastic Man-made Islands in India

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Islands often give an imagery of an unknown world. It is always exciting to explore such unique places. We have heard about majestic natural islands but artificial islands are rare! In this article, we are going to two such man-made islands in India which are most interesting to visit. One popular sea port and another a village which became an island.

 Man-made Islands in India

Willingdon Island
Photo Courtesy: Challiyan

Willingdon Island

Sea ports always have a unique charm that is inviting for the photographers. Big ships, small boats lined up on the shore, ship building and the horizons of water make a perfect picture. You might have seen 'underworld' concept of movies; there is often a port or a fight sequence with the boats around. Such is the rustic charm of the sea ports.

Willingdon Island is yet another creation of the British to improve their trade relations. A patch of sandy land was gorged out of Vembanad Lake to create a new sea port. Today, it is the largest artificial island in India. Willingdon Island is a seaport in the city of Kochi. It was so constructed that the isle is connected through road and rail.

 Man-made Islands in India

Willingdon Island
Photo Courtesy: Manucherian

After the British had left, it came under the Indian Navy and Cochin Port Trust. Whatever it is, British made sure that this port was well connected with the sea ports across the world. Even to this day, Willingdon Island Seaport has sea links with many other sea ports.

Cattle Island

It is common to hear about villages being submerged at dam sites. Cattle Island was once a hilly village which became an island after Hirakud Dam was built across the Mahanadi River in Odisha. After the completion of the dam, many villages in the area got submerged in water. However, the story of Cattle Island is unique and interesting.

 Man-made Islands in India

Photo Courtesy: AkkiDa

Cattle Island is one of the islands formed after the creation of Hirakud Dam. When the locals shifted to another place, some of them left their cattle here. This place became a home to those cattle which turned wild. Now this island is inhabited by wild cattle who are much bigger in size compared to the domesticated ones. Hence this island came to be known as Cattle Island.

Cattle Island is one of the unique islands among several islands in Hirakund Reservoir. It is an unexplored place around 90km from Sambhalpur.

Offbeat travel is unique and thrilling. Unlike the usual tourist places, such places are the best ground for real adventure.

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