» »Ganesha Who Overpowers Shiva: Madhur Temple Near Kasaragod

Ganesha Who Overpowers Shiva: Madhur Temple Near Kasaragod

By Akshatha Vinayak

A journey to this village at Karnataka-Kerala border will introduce us to some amazing legends. We are talking about the Madhur Temple near Kasaragod! This enchanting temple on the banks of Madhuvahini river is considered to be a powerful place. Madhur Temple, also known as Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple, is one of the popular temples in North Kerala.

 Madhur Temple

Madhur Temple


Legends of Madhur Temple

Madhur Temple is originally a Shiva Temple and he is only the presiding deity of this temple. According to the legend, the self-manifested Shiva Linga was found by an old lady 'Madharu'. Hence, the temple became famous as Madhur Temple.

Another myth is about the Ganesha idol at Madhur Temple. It is said that a small Brahmin boy carved a small Ganesha picture on the temple wall. Later, it grew and became a big idol of Lord Ganesha. The boy started calling him Boddajja or Bodda Ganesha. Later,the idol was named as Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka.

 Madhur Temple

Temple Pond


History of Madhur Temple

One record in the history talks about Tipu Sultan's invasion of Kasaragod and Madhur Temple. According to the local history, Tipu Sultan had decided to destroy the Madhur Temple. While he was near the temple stream (Madhuvahini), he drank the water and suddenly decided to return without damaging the temple.

Madhur Temple

Madhur Temple houses a shrine of Shiva and Ganesha. It is a three-tiered building constructed in 'Gaja Prista' (resembling an elephant back) style. The beautiful architecture attracts many people to this place. Here Ganesha is offered 'Appa', famous local dish while offering prayers. 'Moodappam' - (Ganesha is dressed in 'Appa' ) is another famous ritual followed here. The Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple is one of the famous temples in Kerala. Though Lord Shiva is the main deity, the place is famous for the Ganesha temple.

 Madhur Temple

Madhuvahini River


How to Reach Madhur Temple

Madhur Temple is around 7km from Kasaragod; it is easily accessible by road from the town of Kasaragod. Visitors can also take local transport like auto-rickshaws to reach Madhur Temple from Kasaragod.

Many people across the surrounding regions come here to seek blessings from Shiva and Ganesha. In fact, Madhur Temple is also one among the 6 ancient Ganesha temples of Konkan region. So, don't miss out on visiting this shrine on your trip to Kasargod or Mangalore.

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