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Lakes of Mumbai: Temptingly Picturesque!

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Mumbai, the world of dreams; the melting pot of India; the entertainment capital of India; the commercial captial of India; and also an alpha world city! The number of tags and titles Mumbai enjoys reflect its popularity. This city known for its glamourous vibrance also has some of the most temptingly picturesque lakes.

Mumbai is among the top five most populous cities in the world. The freshwater lakes act as the water source for its population. Vihar and Tulsi lakes supply water to the south of Mumbai whereas the rest cater to the suburbs. These lakes feed on the monsoon clouds surrounding the Western Ghats. Most of these lakes attract a wide variety of migratory birds to attract tourists. These temptingly picturesque lakes of Mumbai will force you to take the road to the beautiful city.

Lakes of Mumbai: Temptingly Picturesque!

Photo by: Elroy Serrao

Vihar Lake
The largest (27 miles) and the most mesmerising of all lakes in Mumbai is the Vihar lake. Located in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this was the first piped water service to Mumbai. It is created by drawing water from the Mithi river. The lake has a few Mugger or Marsh crocodiles and there also happens to be a crocodile park next to the lake. Vihar lake has been a popular backdrop for many popular films.

Lakes of Mumbai: Temptingly Picturesque!

Photo by: Nicholas

Tulsi Lake
Built by damming the Tasso River, Tulsi Lake is the second largest lake in Mumbai and a well-thought out back-up plan for the Vihar lake. Located 32 km to the North of Mumbai, Tulsi Lake gets water from the Powai-Kanheri hill ranges. It is a picturesque setting with rich flora and fauna.

Lakes of Mumbai: Temptingly Picturesque!

photo by: Michael Kohli

Powai Lake
The third lake on the Salsette island other than Vihar and Tulsi lakes is the Powai lake. Located in the Powai Valley of Mumbai's Northern suburb, Powai lake has a beautiful garden in its premises. This pristine paradise mirrors nature at its best.

Bandra Lake
Spread across 7.5 acres of land, Bandra Talao or Bandra lake was previously known as Lotus Tank and Motha Sarovar. Located in Bandhra, this lake is said to be 200 years old and was once a famous ground for pisiculture or fish farming.

Do not miss out on the beauty of the lakes of Mumbai on your next visit to the city!

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