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Unveiling the Secrets of the 'Island of Crows'

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It is a matter of pride that a small secret island in the backwaters of Kerala has been listed by NatGeo! Yes, we are talking about the charming Kakkathuruthu in Alappuzha!

This enticing island is located in the backwaters of Vembanad Lake in Kerala. It is the harmony between nature and humans that accentuates the beauty of this island. Away from the hustle and bustle, Kakkathuruthu takes us to the world unknown.


Vembanad Lake
Photo Courtesy: Sourav Niyogi

Recently it was compiled in NatGeo's 'Around the World in 24 Hours', a photo-tour of travel-worthy spots across the world.

NatGeo, one of the leading travel magazines, has described it as "the sunset in Kerala is greeted by a series of rituals - Saree clad women head home in skiffs, fishermen light lamps and cast nets into the lagoon and bats swoop across the horizon snapping up moths".

The Crow's Island can only be reached through local rowboats and it is a home to small community of fishermen. No doubt, such a scenic destination is worth this recognition.


Photo Courtesy: ReflectedSerendipity

In this modern world, we can hardly imagine living in such an isolated environment. The fact that people live in such far-away island without any modern amenities yet lead a peaceful life is very satisfying to know. Kakkathuru Island also forms a part of the famous Munroe Islands (a group of islands).

Picturesque backwaters, coconut groves, emerald-green landscapes and boats create an incredible vision of this beautiful island. Far away from polluted city spaces to nature's haven is very unique to experience. Kakkathuruthu is definitely one such blessed places in Kerala.

Hence, it is exciting to see such a tiny-unexplored island to be listed in one of the leading magazines!


Photo Courtesy: Silver Blue

Amazing Vembanad!

Alappuzha (Alleppey), which is called as 'Venice of the East' is famous for its backwater tourism. One can't get away from the scenic vistas of Vembanad Lake which is bordered by several places in Kerala. The beautiful 'Island of Crows' lies on the backwaters near the village of Eramalloor in Alappuzha!

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