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11 Interesting Facts About Kaveri River You Should Know!

By Akshatha Vinayak

Kaveri, Kaveri, Kaveri....the name itself generates oodles of emotions in the people of South India. Especially for the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as Kaveri river forms their lifeline! She is a goddess, and she is everything for the farmers of her delta on both the states. Cauvery, as one of the holiest rivers in South India, is also known as the 'Ganges of the South'.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Kaveri at Ranganathittu
Photo Courtesy: Slimguy

She who provides livelihood and sustenance for many is a hot topic for decades now! However, the question is how much do we know about such a great river? What is the mythology of this effervescent Cauvery? So, have a look at these interesting facts about Kaveri River to know what makes her so special and unique!

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Photo Courtesy: Pranchiyettan

1. Birthplace in Kodagu

Kannadigas are very emotional about Kaveri River as she originates in Kodagu. She originates in the form of spring at Brahmagiri Hill at Talakaveri in Kodagu district of Karnataka. In fact, here she is worshipped as Goddess Kaveri and a large temple is built here. Talakaveri is also one of the must visit places in Coorg. A small tank is constructed indicating to the source of the river and it is one of the most sacred sites.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Poompuhar Beach
Photo Courtesy: Kasiarunachalam

2. Drains into the Bay of Bengal

Kaveri takes birth in Karnataka and further cascades across Tamil Nadu to join Bay of Bengal. She joins the Bay of Bengal at Poompuhar in Tamil Nadu and thisexplains why even the people of Tamil-Nadu are emotional about the river Kaveri!

3. Covers 3 States and a Union Territory

Kaveri river slithers across three South Indian states namely Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and also slightly touches the Union Territory of Puducherry. Thus, river Kaveri forms one of the longest rivers in South India.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Kaveri at Mekedatu
Photo Courtesy: Sonamj28

4. Legends of Kaveri River

Many legends are associated with Cauvery River, however, these two legends among them are really popular.

The Story of Lopamudra

One story says Lord Brahma had a daughter called Vishnumaya and she really wished to serve the world. At the same time, Lord Vishnu had to transfigure himself as Mohini to kill a reckless demon. So, Lord Brahma decides to send Vishnumaya as Lopamudra to assist Mohini.

After some days, a rishi named Kavera comes to Lord Brahma. His wish was to get an offspring and hence prays to Lord Brahma. Impressed by the rishi's devotion, Brahma decides to give Lopamudra for adoption. Thus, Lopamudra becomes the daughter of Rishi Kavera and assumes the name 'KAVERI'.

 Interesting Facts About Kaveri River

Photo Courtesy: Rameshng

Agastya's Wife

Once Sage Agastya sees Kaveri meditating on Brahmagiri Hill. Infatuated by her beauty, he asks her hand in marriage. Kaveri agrees to marry on one condition! If at any point in time Sage Agastya leaves her for a long time, she would escape from him. So happens that once the sage gets caught in a philosophical discussion and forgets about Kaveri. As per the agreement, Kaveri transfigures into a river and flows to fulfil her wishes to serve the people.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Photo Courtesy: Philanthropist 1

5. Three Islands in Kaveri River

Kaveri River splits into two places and forms two islands in Karnataka. One is at Shivanasamudra, where she plunges as Gagana Chukki and Bara Chukki Falls and creates the island of Srirangapatna near Mysore. The third island is Srirangam in Tamil Nadu.

6. Lifeblood of People

No doubt, Kaveri is the lifeblood of both Karnataka and Tamil-Nadu Covering a large distance from the Western Ghats, she joins the Bay of Bengal in the East of India. Lakhs of people live on Cauvery River, as she is the main source of drinking water, irrigation and electricity.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Photo Courtesy: Vinodnellackal

7. Many Tributaries

Kaveri River widens as many rivers join her in the course of her journey. Shimsha, Hemavati, Kabini, Arkavathy, Honnuhole, Bhavani, Lokapavani, Amaravati and Noyil are the tributaries of river Cauvery.

8. Torekadanahalli

The Kaveri Water stored in Torekandanahalli is pumped up to provide water for Bengaluru city. Hence, Kaveri River is also the main source of water for the IT city as well.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Dolls with Kodava traditional attire
Photo Courtesy: Gopal Venkatesan

9. The Cult of Kaveri - Kodavas

Kodavas are the Ethno-lingual community in Coorg. They are the locals of Kodagu who have lived there for many years. Kaveri is the adi-devate (presiding Goddess) for this cult of people. She is referred as Kaveramma and is a much-revered deity in the region.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

Shivanasamudra Falls - Madhya Ranga
Photo Courtesy: Guptarohit994

10. Adi Ranga, Madhya Ranga and Anthya Ranga

Interestingly, Vaishnavite culture is popular on the delta of Kaveri. Srirangapatna is known as Adi Ranga and it is known for Ranganathaswamy Temple in Karnataka. Shivanasamudra is known as Madhya Ranga indicating the mid-way of the river. Srirangam is called as Anthya Ranga where Kaveri finally joins the sea.

Interesting Facts About Kaveri

KRS Dam and Reservoir
Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Kumar

11. Dams Across Kaveri River

There are several dams built on the Kaveri River. The most popular ones being the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam (KRS) in Mandya, Upper Anicut in Tamil Nadu, Amaravthi Dam, Mettur Dam and Kallani Dam in Tamil Nadu.

The tales of Kaveri are unlimited and wonderful. However, in this article, we have tried to provide most important details related to the beloved river Kaveri. Hope you liked reading these interesting facts about Kaveri River in South India.

Though Cauvery is an emotional subject for many, it is nice to know about her glories! Exploring the course of river Kaveri is an adventure in itself. And for an avid traveller in you, the river basin has numerous religious places and tourist spots waiting to be explored.

We are thirsty for your feedback; do not forget to leave them in the comments section below!

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