» »4 Top-Notch Fort Treks In Rajasthan To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

4 Top-Notch Fort Treks In Rajasthan To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

PC: Manish Negi

You may have trekked the mountains but have you ever thought of climbing up and down in a desert? It's fun and different. Though Jaipur is not exactly in a desert, it is quite close to a desert which makes it dry and dusty. The place was ruled by kings centuries ago and now every corner of this city has traces of its regal past, and most importantly, castles in the outskirts...

So if you're bored of mountain hikes and are looking to try something new, look no more... Jaipur is the perfect place for hiking and camping. Only here you can trek up a castle rather than a lush green mountain. The trails are dusty but the view from the castles is breathtaking and worth all your effort.

So if you thought Jaipur is all about shopping and pink buildings, think more. There is so much more to this city of kings than just a market. To all our trekking lovers, we have put together the best trekking trails and we know that you are going to love them. So start planning your trip to Jaipur because after reading this article you would want to...

1. Charan Mandir

It will be quite sad if we pass by all the thrilling trails and not start with Charan Mandir. One of the most popular trekking trails, this trek makes it to the top of our list. This trek is quite easy so if you're a beginner this would be your perfect choice. If you're from Jaipur, you may know its worth but we can't say the same for the rest of our readers, so we are going to list all the good things about this trekking trail.

The best part about this small trek is spotting the Jal Mahal. Yes! A floating palace on a lake! As you walk through the trail, you will discover a lot of unique flora and fauna. The best time to take on this trek is from the month of July to March.

You'll have to pass Ganesh Mandir for this trek. It's a bit off-road as it is not paved and you'll have to find your way through the bushes. But if you're really into hiking, you are going to love this trail.

How To Reach The Base Of Charan Mandir: To reach the base of this location you need to hire a cab or take a bus from Jaipur city.

2. Kumbhalgarh Fort

fort treks in rajasthan

PC: Heman kumar meena

This place is best known for trekking up Aravali hills. The fort is housed in the western range of Aravali hills. It was the birthplace of the great king Maharana Pratap, the ruler of Mewar, Rajasthan. The fort has become a heritage site and is now open to visitors. But don't think it is just a tourist site. The trek up the fort is pretty challenging.

The walls of the fort are 38 km long and it is the largest wall complex in the world. It is built at a height of 3500 feet so you can guess how fun this trekking trail can be! The trail is rocky and steep so it is recommended that take good hiking shoes. Don't forget to carry a water bottle.

How To Reach The Base Of Kumbhalgarh Fort: You can get a train to Rani, which is 35 km away. There are no bus routes so hiring a taxi is the best option. But if you want, you can take a bus to Kankroli and then walk to the palace or best hire a taxi.

3. Nahargarh Fort

One of the most popular and talked about trekking trails. The Nahargarh Fort is popular amongst the youngster as well as tourists. The reason why this trek is so beautiful is that after sweating for like an hour, you achieve a beautiful view of the golden-yellow city of Jaipur.

This trail is for mid-level trekkers so if you are a newbie, be careful, there is no harm in trying it out. We promise that it will pay off. The trail to the fort has signs of concrete considering its popularity. The sunset and sunrise are just perfect to witness from that height. It is a view to behold. If you like taking pictures, you'll fall in love with this trail immediately. It makes for a good picture. But keep in mind that the trail will not give any into-the-wild experience if you are a serious hiker.

After the trail, you'll find a hotel and small cafe which serves as a heaven for many newbie panting hikers but not for the serious ones who like all things natural and would like to sit on the top of the mountain rather than a hotel.

How To Reach The Base Of Nahargarh Fort: It is close to Charan Mandir so you can either take a taxi or a bus from the Jaipur city. In case you take the bus, you'll have to change the bus twice to get to the base.

4. Amer Fort

fort treks in rajasthan

PC: Vineegautam987

If you want to experience desert trekking, this place is for you. You'll pass the sandstones, historic sites made out of stones and everything light brownish to golden. The air is dry and the area is dusty but that hasn't stopped millions of tourists climbing their way up to the fort.

Its regal side attracts folks from all around the world. But if you want to avoid that part and would like to participate in a much more fun and thrilling trail, then head to the watchtower. The trail which is right before the entrance of the fort. It is more like walking up steps and big doors that guarded the palace a hundred years ago.

Start your trek at around 3 in the morning and by the time you reach the top, it will be 4 or 5 depending on your speed. It might get chilly up there so don't forget to carry a blanket. Check the sunset time before you head out and time your trek. If you are going with friends then it will be great. Be quiet. Try to use flashlights as little as possible.

How To Reach The Base Of Amer Fort: Given its popularity, Amer Fort has now direct buses shuttling to and fro Jaipur to Amer Fort. But if you are making an early morning hike, make sure you take a car.

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