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Five Major Benefits of Travelling

Written By: Brunda

Why do we have to travel? Travelling is expensive, time consuming, tiring and sometimes need to move out of the comfort zone. But, do we stop travelling? Certainly the answer is No! Isn't it strange, yet true. Then, why do people love to travel? 

There are a lot of benefits attached to traveling and not most of us actually realize it on the spur of the moment. Let's see what are the benefits of travelling and why does it become an addiction to most of us?


Who am I?
When you are travelling all by yourself, you get a lot of time to interact with self , love yourself and most importantly be yourself. Talking to others is a monotony; talking to self is really rare and worthy; so why not try it out; travelling helps you to discover yourself making you a better human-being.

How do I get there?
When you are travelling, it is the destination that awaits you and to get there you would do anything. Travelling helps you to grow out of your inhibitions making you more bold and sociable.


Every minute is beautiful
Every second of your life would start to appear beautiful when you decide to travel. Do not be surprised if your happy hormones starts hitting the roof; travelling keeps you happy and it makes you realize the importance of time to a great extent.

Happiness is not person or situation centric
Travelling helps you to find happiness everywhere. It will let us understand that happiness comes in small packages and I bet you shall not waste time in seeking happiness exclusively from a particular person, situation or place. Being happy is so awesome and happening; so what are you waiting for!


Being impatient will certainly not help
I have never been able to master the art of patience all my life shall disappear in thin air if you enjoy travelling. Travel teaches you patience and without a book. As you set yourself to discover a new place your experience to the world of patience comes as a compliment with it. Patience is the key is what you would have learnt by the end of finishing your expedition.

Wow! I am in love with these benefits; I know you will also be :) Happy travelling!

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