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5 Camel Safari Destinations in India

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The idea of a Camel Safari is attractive for those seeking to experience something new and unique wherever they go! It is both the best and most unique way to explore the arid deserts. The camel rides will take you across some of the most traversed deserts of India. It offers travel across major hotspots, including; Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner in Rajasthan. A tour of camel safari here also includes night halts at villages in camps located across the desert.

Camel safari is also undertaken in the barren deserts of Ladakh in many regions, which is quite surprising for many travellers. Camels are the lifeline of deserts and is popularly referred to as 'The Ship of Desert'. It is a major form of transportation in the deserts of Ladakh and Rajasthan and also the best way to explore the culture of these places. Here is a guide to the five camel safari destinations troursits should take in India.

1. Ladakh
Camel Safari in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, is a unique way of exploring the rugged terrains and is less known to many travellers. You will traverse through rutted mountain terrains atop the camels and see the beautiful sights of colorful landscapes and remote villages. Tourists can spend the nights under the studded sky in the cold desert region here. You can explore the many settlements that are to be found here and also ride the vast open Nubra valley. This is one safari that you would never forget. The rides will be atop the Bactrian Camels that are shorter than their Rajasthani counterparts, more furry and of course the most distinctive feature- two humps!

Traversing through the Diskit sand dunes.
Photo Courtesy: Karunakar Rayker

2. Jaisalmer
A town of cobbled streets, desert, medieval architecture, Jaisalmer is bounded by golden sand dunes. It is a place where camel rides are very common. Head to Badanagh on your safari where you can see the tombs of Bhatti Rajput Kings. Visit the village of Baisakhi where you will find many temples. Thereafter trail to the village of Roopsi that has many architectural ruins. You also get an oppurtunity to camp in the scrubby desert and enjoy some of the authentic Rajasthani dishes.

In the middle of the desert.
Photo Courtesy: Sanjoy Ghosh

3. Bikaner
Bikaner is renowned for its interesting camel safaris, sweets, rugs and savoury snacks. Camel safari starts from the city itself and will take you southwards, where you trail through the villages of Baru, Kansar, Naukh, Tadana, Mohangarh and many other small towns. Tourists can halt in these towns and explore them. You can also purchase a few local trinkets from these places.

A camel waiting to be saddled.
Photo Courtesy: tjollans

4. Mandawa
The town of Mandawa is just a few hours drive from Delhi and is famous for the ancient Havelis that are decorated with colourful frescos. Camel safaris here take you on a tour across the city and show you the various architectural marvels of the place. It is one of the most preferred ways of touring the city and tourists are seen enthusiastically waiting for their opportunity to hop onto a camel back and explore the region.

Tour the city atop a camel.
Photo Courtesy: Harry Li

5. Pushkar
Pushkar is famous for its Camel Fair where the riders can witness a camel dance in its entire exquisite aura. You can view the Aravalli Range, sandy fields, small dunes, pleasant hills and bewitching sunrises and sunsets here. The camels are completely decked up during the fair and there are various competitions held here such as the camel race.

5 Camel Safari Destinations in India

Visit the Camel Fair at Pushkar.
Photo Courtesy: Uzi Yachin

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